Teachers use Atomsmith® 3D, physics-based models to visually communicate challenging concepts about the structure and behavior of atoms and molecules to their students.

Students independently perform "hands-on" molecular-level experiments on these models.


About Atomsmith® Models

Learning (and teaching) chemistry presents a unique challenge: it depends on the ability to "see" 3D shapes and interactions of particles we can't actually see. Scientists use 3D simulation and visualization models, based on published science, to overcome this challenge. Atomsmith makes these particle models accessible to students, enabling them to interact with and to do science at the atomic scale.

Teachers spend their careers building knowledge of this submicroscopic world. And as they teach, many have mental models and "movies" representing atoms and molecules "running" in their minds. The challenge is often to find a way to share those images with their students – to help their students see what they see.

Atomsmith models allow teachers to take those images and virtually "hand them" to their students. And, better yet, because the models are 3D, physically accurate, and interactive (NOT 2D cartoons or passive videos), students can use them to do real science by performing experiments on them.

Students Develop their own Mental Models = Deeper Understanding and Higher Achievement!




Atomsmith Classroom Online provides easy access to Atomsmith modeling tools in the browser on Chromebooks, laptops or tablets. Using Google Sign-in or a school account, access HTML5 3D interactive models of atomic structure, chemical bonding, chemical reactions, gases, polarity, intermolecular forces, phase changes, and much more. Available by Annual SubscriptionFree trial accounts are available for Teachers.


  • Interactive 3D Labs
  • One- to Two-page Guided-Inquiry Experiments (includes answers for Teachers)
  • Supporting Interactive Reference Materials (e.g. Periodic Table, Molecule Libraries, Equation Balancer, Glossary, Activity Series Charts...)


Atomsmith models are also part of our app Atomic Dashboard for Mac. The app is available on Apple's Mac Store and is eligible for Apple's Volume Purchase Program.


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