Educational Use Account Subscriptions

Atomsmith® Classroom Online for Instructors and Students

We offer annual account subscriptions to accredited educational institutions and to teachers/instructors at these institutions. These subscriptions may be used for:

  • in-person classroom instruction
  • distance learning
  • student homework

All other uses of Atomsmith technology or materials (including the use of any copyrighted models, text, images or video recordings from or derived from Atomsmith) on blogs, on YouTube channels or other online sharing and social media sites, in textbooks or other learning materials, require a Commerical-Use Subscription regardless of whether or not they are for the purpose of earning monetary reward.

Click to read the Atomsmith Terms of Service.

On this page, educational institutions or instructors can request to:

  • Purchase or renew one-year subscriptions for instructors (US $19.99 per instructor)
  • Purchase or renew one-year subscriptions for students (US $1.00 per student)

Please complete and submit the form below to request and receive, by email, either:

  • A Square invoice that enables a secure online payment by credit card (single instructor purchase by credit card only)
  • A price quote that can be used to issue a purchase order
You are not committing until you issue a purchase order or pay the credit card invoice. Once we have received a purchase order or payment, we will contact you, by email, with account instructions.
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