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The Atomsmith Classroom is an Inquiry-based, Interactive,
eBook and Virtual 3D Chemistry Laboratory

Available for Mac and Windows

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The Atomsmith Classroom was awarded an ed-tech Readers' Choice Award - Honorable Mention.

Use Atomsmith's Experiment Browser (right window) to select a topic and the Experiments in that Curriculum Unit appear. Select an Experiment and click the Open the Experiment button to enter the Experiment and be guided through experimental procedures that use Atomsmith's interactive 3D models (left window). Each Experiment also provides a worksheet on which to record your observations. Click Here to Enlarge


Atomsmith's Gas Lab can do much more than simulate ideal gases. It can also simulate the intermolecular forces that cause real gas molecules to interact. Here you see a simulation of the phases of water (solid to liquid to gas) as the temperature is varied. The thin green lines represent hydrogen bonds. Click here to see more of Atomsmith's capabilities.

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